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Xi says he has full confidence in China-France ties
Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday that he had full confidence in the prospects for China-France ties.
Chinese relay satellite brakes near moon for entry into desired orbit
A Chinese relay satellite Friday braked near the Moon, completing a vital step before entering a desired orbit.
China is now a popular destination for Pakistani overseas students
Around 22,000 students from Pakistan are currently studying in the country, according to the Pakistani Embassy in China.
PLA Navy completes night carrier take off and landing
Video footage showing Chinese carrier-borne fighter jets taking off and landing on China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning was released on China Central Television on Thursday.
Chinese companies finish production of 2018 World Cup mascots
Global manufacturing of the FIFA World Cup 2018 mascots has come to an end, as the last mascots rolled off the production line at a factory in south China.
More partners on board CCI Southern Transport Corridor
More partners have agreed to jointly develop the China-Singapore Connectivity Initiative (CCI) Southern Transport Corridor.
A foreign professor's life-time love of Chinese classics: Roger T. Ames
From 1993 to 2009, he translated classics of Chinese philosophy including "The Art of War", "The Analects", "The Doctrine of the Mean", "Tao Te Ching" and "Huainanzi".


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